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A Humanoid Robot With Lifelike Bones And Muscles


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Comment by PureTrust
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We can go to all kinds of manufacturing plants and find all kinds of automated mechanical movements all over the place. Machines twist and turn and revolve and bounce up and down and do whatever it takes to manufacture the product. So why do we keep on trying to mimic the human body in robotic action?

Oh, I get it. Stupid nature evolved something so good, and so versatile that we are still - with all our "advanced" technology - trying to catch up. Nature makes its machines cheaply and efficiently, all over planet earth, by the billions when you consider humans and mammals. And here we are, spending $hundreds of thousands and $millions to try to duplicate the perfection of stupid nature that does it automatically.

Something doesn't make sense here. If people are so great, and such great thinkers, why are they having such a hard time catching up with stupid, dumb nature?