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Power Elite Bans Classic Books in US, Seeks Exclusive Narrative

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This is the inescapable conclusion for those of us who believe in directed history. Over the past decade of covering the world for various proprietary blogs, it's become clear to us that most human events are manipulated by a small, sociopathic elite that controls central banking around the world.

Whether such control existed in previous millennia we are not in a position to say. But it would be our perspective – avoiding a discussion of past civilizations – that the overt control of Money Power has been growing, not diminishing, of late.

Of course, perhaps these things go in cycles. In that case it is our misfortune to live at the very apex of one such cycle and our good fortune to see – thanks to the Internet Reformation – that it is ending.

How do we know it is ending? Because the top elites are increasingly turning to the bluntest weapons in their fight to maintain power. Economic depression, military conflict and authoritarian democracy are all modern tools of repression and control. The idea is to create world government and nothing is to stop that progression. 

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Yes. And thanks to Ernie, Powell, Donna and a few more who work with them, Freedom's Phoenix is spreading the knowledge ever further. There has to be a way that could springboard FP and websites like her into observance by multitudes of people around the world.

One thing that the Power Elite are afraid of is the 100th monkey principle being used against them.

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