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How to Print Your Own Gun

•, Brittany Stepniak
 If you've heard all the buzz about the latest 3D printing technology, you've probably seen the pictures of simple toys, shoes, jewelry and instrument parts created from one of these new printers. But some savvy tech experts believe a dark side of 3D printing is unfolding just as quickly...

Last month, Engineer Michael Guslick said he had successfully printed and fired the world's first homemade 3D-impressed gun. He made this claim on the online forum. The gun was the lower receiver of an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and Guslick indicated that he had fired the gun over 200 times.

Guslick continued to say that assembling the rifle “wasn't that difficult,” and he was able to do so after purchasing a 3D printer for $1,000. After all was said and done, the project took him approximately 30 hours max.

Although the product wasn't an ideal rifle, Guslick commented that it was “extremely large and ungainly,” it got the job done.