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Today on - Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
The Economics of the Nativity
Lew Rockwell on government, business, and the Holy Family.
The NRA Is Wrong
Government security is just another form of violence, says Ron Paul.
A Lesson for the US Colonial Empire
Eric Margolis on France's Algerian nightmare, Or, rather, Algeria's French nightmare.
The 12 Days of Christmas
Military version, from Laurence Vance.
Truth Is the First Casualty of War
See Newtown, for example, says Brian Wilson.
Even if You're a Non-Believer
You should treasure Christianity, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Gun Control Today, Car Control Tomorrow?
Eric Peters on the herd mentality.
Happy Christmas
War is over, sang John Lennon.
The Scapegoating of Nancy Lanza
The killer's first victim is disgracefully smeared by the media, says Lionel Shriver.
Say Goodbye to Migraine Headaches
Go paleo and take inexpensive supplements to be pain-free, says Joseph Mercola.
The Food Police State
Joel Salatin on swat teams vs. natural farmers.
Genetically modified salmon is just the beginning.