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Why Serving In Combat Does Not Serve Women (Or Anyone Else) Well

• Common Dreams

As the women’s rights advocacy group AF3IRM GABNET said in a statement on their Facebook page,

The Pentagon lifted a ban on women in combat, stating that women can now serve on the frontlines. We in AF3IRM know that this is already common practice and that women of color and transnational women are already disproportionately over-represented in the US military. They are pushed into military duty due to poverty and lack of other options.

We do not celebrate this new “elimination of a gender-based barrier.” We do not celebrate sending us women overseas to kill other women and children in someone else’s name. (emphasis mine)

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Women are used all the time.The Women`s Rights movement with all the Bra Burning,and such had nothing to do with helping women`s rights.It was all about a bigger Tax Base. They go to work,they pay taxes.As far as raising their children,well! the results of that are everywhere


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