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The IMF Has Put Argentina On The Road To The Worst Punishment It Can Possibly Give

• Business Insider

This story goes back to 2007, when late Argentine President Nestor Kirchner fired the statisticians in INDEC (the Argentine Bureau of Statistics) and replaced them. Since then the country has reported inflation numbers that differ wildly from those of independant analysts — a difference of 10% versus 25% (check out some charts on that here).

To keep up this charade, the government has fined statisticians that release numbers that contradict INDEC's. To current president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's administration, these people are criminals.

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Wow! I never realized that the IMF kicked countries out. I thought that they wanted everyone IN. And that Czechoslovakia got kicked out. Wow! No wonder that it has split into 2 countries.

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