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Terror Tots: 2nd Grade Student Suspended For Throwing Pretend Grenade

• Jonathan Turley
In Loveland, Colorado, school officials at Mary Blair Elementary School have suspended a second grade student for throwing a make believe grenade.  That’s right, an invisible, pretend grenade followed by a reported “pshhh” sound. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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In there article, there are links to 8 or 9 similar incidents. But the kid in this focus was simply trying to BE A MARINE.

If this is the official stance by the Obama administration as it is with some schools, we're never going to have to worry about a draft. What we will need to worry about is that we will even have a military 20 years from now.

Time to home school your kids, or at least get them out of the public system to a school where you know that freedom burns in the hearts of all the faculty.

The Internet link to the school's website is offline. I wonder why?