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10 Questions The Media Refuses To Ask Regarding Sandy Hook

•, Jon Rappoport
 Slashing through the bland authoritative front the media have presented, people want to know more about the Sandy Hook massacre. But the elite networks have no intention of answering the most obvious questions.

Why? Because the follow-up agenda of gun control is all important, and the official Sandy Hook scenario must stand, in order to forward that agenda.

Any return to the scene of the crime will:

divert media coverage from its all-out push to make guns into taboo objects of scorn, ridicule, fear, and hatred;

focus attention on reasons for the massacre that have nothing to do with guns;

engender deep distrust of the Sandy Hook police investigation and therefore, by association, throw into doubt the notion that law-enforcement personnel should be the only people carrying guns in America.
Here are 10 things the media doesn’t want to know about and has no intention of investigating. These are only the basics, amid a wider sea of unanswered questions:

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Comment by 63 Marine
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I would be willing to bet that the Sandy Hook incident was a "False Flag" action.

I'll also bet it goes all the way to the top of the government's food change. I wouldn't put anything past those SOB's doing dirt to push their NO gun agenda.