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A Chinese Farm Has Confessed To Dumping Thousands Of Dead Pigs Into A River

• Business Insider

Bloomberg reports that a farm in the Zhejiang province has finally claimed responsibility.

The horrifying images were only made worse by the fact that the river is a source of drinking water for the locals.

"One merchant claims that a crackdown on the sale of dead pigs forced pig farmers to dump them into the river," said Bill Bishop in his Sinocism newsletter. "So the good news may be that fewer dead pigs are getting into the food supply, but the bad news is that it used to be very common? Regardless, another reason, if you need one, to avoid processed pork in China."

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Outrageous!  They could at least have ground up the bodies and composted them for fertilizer, or burned them and used the ashes for soil-conditioning.  This is good reason to remember that China has a very different culture from ours, and its people think very differently.



Comment by Powell Gammill
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How environmentally irresponsible.  They could have at least tossed in a few thousand piranha with them to clean up.