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Citi: 'The End Is Nigh' For Oil

• Business Insider
 Citi's Seth Kleinman has a pretty sweeping note today, titled "The End Is Nigh," in which he argues crude oil demand — and with it, prices — are is set to fall dramatically in the coming decade thanks to the rise of natural gas and more advanced fuel economies.

And the trend is worldwide. Kleinman on gas:

One of the many unforeseen ripple effects of the US shale revolution is a push to substitute natural gas for oil. This is set to accelerate with LNG already challenging diesel’s 13 mb/d heavy duty truck use globally but especially in China, bunker’s 3.7 mb/d seaborne market, and CNG and propane set for exponential growth not only in markets such as Brazil, Egypt, Iran and India, but in Russia and the US as well.

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