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Just Say "No!" To War With North Korea

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Is war with North Korea inevitable? Some people are hinting that it can't be avoided. CNN asked retired General James Marks to explain the military strategies likely to be used by North Korea and the United States in a conflict. Fox News has reported on the “Foal Eagle” exercises conducted by the American military in South Korea. ABC reported, “It appears North Korea is on the march toward war... [On April 3, North Korea] blocked entrance to an industrial park shared with South Korea, an industrial park that generates about $2 billion worth of revenue every year for North and South Korea.” On the same day, the North Korean government warned nuclear war could begin “today or tomorrow.” These threats by North Korea even have some in China scared.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Wake up sheeple. The main agenda behind this propaganda is to get the remaining military troops out of this country so the UN can send in their foreign troops, that are already here waiting for their orders to begin the martial law take over. Shoot Americans? Not a problem. No more of a problem then it is for our troops to invade and plunder foreign countries around the world under the guise of freedom all created by the international banksters and we continue to buy into the illusion.

What if there was a war and no one showed up?