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Could 'microbatteries' revolutionize the electric car?

•, By Antony Ingram
 We've heard it all before--new battery technologies appear, set to revolutionize the way we use electric products.

The story is the same for new microbatteries developed at the University of Illinois, but the researchers there are making even bigger claims than most.

Imagine a battery so small it could feature in a credit card-sized cellphone, charge in mere seconds, with enough power to jump-start a car. Now imagine it scaled up for use in an electric vehicle.

All the above scenarios are a possibility with the new microbattery technology, and the researchers say it finally brings batteries up to the level of the gadgets they power. 

Other intriguing statistics include power outputs enough to enable batteries to shrink by 30 times, and charging times 1,000 times faster than today's batteries--the aforementioned cellphone could charge in less than a second.

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