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DOJ continues to withhold Miranda protections

• Meredith Clark, MSNBC
[Is there a difference between arbitrarily withholding constitutional guarantees and not having a constitution?]

The suspect in the twin explosions that shattered the Boston marathon last week had been in custody for more than 40 hours Sunday and federal authorities had yet to issue a Miranda warning to him. The Justice Department had said it was holding off on the warnings—which protect suspects from coercive questions—fearing lingering danger to the public. The decision by the department to invoke the public safety exception comes despite repeated assurances by numerous public officials that there is no imminent threat or danger to public safety.

“There isn’t any basis for concern about another imminent threat,” to the citizens of Boston, Massachussetts Governor Deval Patrick said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.  Boston Mayor Thomas Menino also dispelled concern that any accomplices were at-large. There is  ”no evidence of a broader plot involving more people,” he told ABC News.


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Who cares about reading Miranda rights to a terrorist pirate violator of the laws of nations like the Boston Joker. What the federal govt. is really withholding is the truth about Islam to the American people, how the Quran has all along commanded Muslims to kill as many American infidels as they can, and why.  Here's the reason and how Pres. Obama has been lying to the people about it since day one: