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The Images Of SWAT Teams In Boston Suburbs Are Utterly Terrifying (VIDEO)


In the last 10 years, American forces have cleared cities house by house plenty of times. But they don't usually do that right here in the United States.

This video shows a specific example of what it looks like when thousands of police and FBI agents descended on suburban America decked out in military gear. They had orders to clear a "20-block area" of the neighborhood, and systematically searched from door-to-door.

The video shows police shouting at an innocent resident and barking at him repeatedly to keep his hands up.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Such a GOOD video. Let's see. Six or 8 rights violations in this one video, alone. The banks will love all the borrowing the city and state will have to do to pay all those $multi-millions worth of rights settlements once ALL the videos have come forward.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Does anyone know one,or,more of the POS cops.or,Soldiers? If so! tell their family,or,ask their family what the hell their children are doing.....expose the families,and friends.See it these POS are the same as they have always been,o,r if they have been slipped some kind of drug.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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1939 Nazi Germany     Welcome to Amerkia

Land of the stupid home of the slave.