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EPA increases acceptable radiation exposure

• Washington Post
.... The critics say that the EPA is attempting to defy long-established legal standards for radioactive contamination.
The document, they say, would allow Americans to drink water contaminated thousands of times past the legal limit. It would allow residents to remain in a disaster zone even when there’s lots of dangerous material in the air. And, they claim, the EPA’s suggestions would allow resettlement of areas that are unfit under the rules that govern toxic Superfund sites. ...

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Comment by Ron Webber
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 We are guaranteed the inalienable right to life, liberty, and property. As such, no one and no department has the right to suggest or subject any citizen of those rights.  This includes the president, the congress, or any department created by an act of government.  The EPA has long been making rules depriving man of his property (wetlands, endangered species, zoning requirements, etc) for a long time.  They have no right to violate the constitution, nor does any elected official have that right.  To the point, radiation is well established to kill the cells of the human body.  For them to suggest what is an acceptable level is to suggest they have a right to determine what shall live and what shall die as well as where someone may live or die.  These are usurped authorities that they do not have and cannot exercise.