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Marchers in over 400 cities protest Monsanto

• Washington Post
Protesters rallied in dozens of cities Saturday as part of a global protest against seed giant Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces, organizers said.

Organizers said “March Against Monsanto” protests were held in 52 countries and 436 cities, including Washington and Los Angeles, where demonstrators waved signs that read “Real Food 4 Real People” and “Label GMOs, It’s Our Right to Know.”


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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I'm not sure about all the other countries, but here in Amerkia, the next step to this movement would be for the people, consumers, to start filing personal and class action law suits against the United Grocers Cartel and all the big chain grocery stores for selling these GMO poisons to the people. We the people do have the power to stop these world criminal empire corporations if we wake up and collectively come together just like what took place on the protests.

Although the protest made an impact on the consciousness  of the people of the world who may have not had a clue of this evil insidious corporation called Monsanto before now, it is going to take direct lawful action against this evil empire and it's psychotic twisted agenda to stop it in it's tracks if there is any such thing as law and order still exist. Keep in mind that Monsanto does have it's own private military to back them.

Like all the other criminal and treasonous corporations, agencies, etc, all get their funding and money from us the consumer weather by deception or force.

We need to stop feeding the bears and start closing all avenues for them to continue feeding upon us. The proof & evidence, (science)  on the table of the crimes being committed  by Monsanto and their consumer out lets the grocery stores and seeding companies. The people need to start going after all these out lets that sell GMO weather through law suits or liens on bonds etc. TIME FOR ACTION


There has been a Talkshoe medium that has been set up on these issues for every night of the week. Open discussion and nothing but the truth and what we can all do to stop this insanity and Agenda 21 project.

 Every night at 6PM PST  (724)444-7444  pin code 128461#


We need to keep the pressure on.

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