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Raw Milk Acquittal: A Victory for Freedom

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"In these days of creeping tyranny – some would say galloping tyranny – whenever freedom wins a battle, it’s time for a celebration.

So pour yourself a champagne glass full of healthful, delicious, GMO-free raw milk, and raise a toast to Vernon Hershberger, who was just acquitted by a jury on three of four counts of “foodcrime.”

Hershberger can now return to his farm and continue producing healthy food for his neighbors. The jury’s verdict sent an unmistakeable message: When a farmer like Hershberger wants to run a cooperative food club, and provide his neighbors with raw milk and other non-Monsanto, farm-grown foods without a retail license, he is acting within his legitimate rights. In other words, both raw milk and direct-to-consumer food clubs have been effectively legalized in Wisconsin."...

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Except for being convicted for defying a judge's order not to sell his stuff during the trial for which the same judge will be sentencing him up to a year and a hefty fine.  Either way I suspect post-attorney fees his farm will be gone.  And the competition who sicked the loving government upon him will have gotten their money's worth.

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