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US Supreme Court: Police can take DNA swabs from arrestees

• AP
A sharply divided Supreme Court on Monday said police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest, equating a DNA cheek swab to other common jailhouse procedures like fingerprinting.

‘‘Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee DNA is, like fingerprinting and photographing, a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment,’’ Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the court’s five-justice majority.


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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Supreme Court Approves Involuntary DNA Samples From Suspects And Opens The Door To A Massive DNA Databank

The Slippery Swab (Update) 

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The SC is just as nazi criminal and out of control  as all the rest.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Scalia votes with minority and issues separate scathing opinion:

Comment by Henry Bowman
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Seriously, why does anybody think this is a big deal? If they had matched this guy's fingerprints with an older crime, it would have been just another day shift. As long as they can only take a DNA swab in the same circumstances that they can take your fingerprints, this should have no practical effect on anybody's rights.