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Rockets, Rovers, and Planetary Probes: History’s Most Badass Space Machines


Even for the rest of us, the giant machines that travel through space are fascinating if we stop to think about it. There is a certain thrill in knowing that some craft has been propelled beyond the confines of our planet. For the last 70 or so years, we've shot many machines into the vast and final frontier, carrying scientific instruments, Earth-observing satellites, and extraordinary men and women to inspect, explore, and redefine our world and the universe beyond.

Most of these machines never return home. But those that do come back always find their way to a museum to be a source of amazement and inspiration for the public.

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Comment by PureTrust
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"Rockets, Rovers, and Planetary Probes" are being used as a lie. How? As far back as the 1940s, you could buy "space clothing" for kids. I know, because back in the '50s I had a pair of dark blue bedroom slippers with a moonscape embossed on the side in silver. The idea that was being sold to the public was that in one to two decades we would be walking on the moon.

Somebody might say, "Well, we did it in 1969, right?" That's part of the lie. The first moon landing where people first walked on the moon was done on July 20, 1969, through Apollo 11. But here is the stickler. Is that "WE?" Or was it "THEY?"

The idea portrayed and advertised, at least by inference, if not directly stated, was that AVERAGE PEOPLE would be walking the moon in a few short years. Well, guess what hasn't happened by July of 2013? PEOPLE STILL ARE NOT WALKING ON THE MOON... unless you want to believe the conspiracy theorists who say that we have had a secret base on the backside of the moon for decades. But even if THAT conspiracy is true, it still ain't average people.

The point is, all that space travel nonsense is being used to promote a "space mentality" among the people, so that when we are bilked for $billions more - through our taxes - to be used on military projects, we will take it joyfully, because we ALL want to go to the moon, and our "voluntary" taxation is making it happen. IT IS A LIE. It ain't going to happen.

Today's proud displays of "Rockets, Rovers, and Planetary Probes" is being used, if not so much to milk us some more, then to pacify us so that we don't execute those liars who promised us the moon, and then didn't deliver. "But we did deliver," they will protest. "The rockets prove it." Listen to them lie.

Out of U.S. populations of hundreds of millions who have come and gone, what tiny, tiny, fraction of a fraction of a percent has ever gone into space, to say nothing of TO THE MOON? They lie... to get your money.