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Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption's hidden players


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Comment by Olde Reb
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 theft by the IMF, WB, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street ???

Are you talking about FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER ???

Comment by PureTrust
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Since the IMF/Federal Reserve Bank money system is essentially legalized corruption, is it corruption to use that system, and that kind of a system, to get your value back after they have stolen it from you? Is it wrong for you to use the same kinds of "legal loopholes" that the money system uses, to "rob" the system so that you get back part of the value that the system constantly steals from you?

As has been stated many times before, in the U.S., the only way that money gets into the public, is through loans from the Federal Reserve Bank, or one of its satellite banks. Since the Fed prints money for pennies on the dollar, when they receive the loan payments, they essentially get the money back at full value, while it cost them virtually nothing to create it. When the Fed does this, not only does it enrich itself at the expense of others, but it gradually devalues the USD (United States Dollar) as a whole.

Back decades ago, I had a coworker who went bankrupt every 7 years, because he could back then. He would take advantage of the money system every 7 years, and walk away with a handsome profit. He did it because it was legal. He did it at the expense of the money system, and at the expense of everyone who stubbornly - and ethically, they thought - wouldn't do it. In fact, if everyone used all the legal loopholes that are available to folks who borrow money, and used them to suck their stolen value out of the system, the corrupt money system would collapse. But it would hurt those who didn't do it somewhat.

This system, which is open to all people in the United States, is a system of borrowing money, and then not paying it back. And if you do it the right way, you are safe from litigation. And, it is moral and ethical to do this - if you borrow from a legal lending institution, that is - because you really don't borrow any money when you borrow it. Rather you create new money with the banking system, and they are the ones who are "borrowing it from you" when you make "repayment" payments to them. Or else, the repayments are gifts from you without your realizing it.

The part that bothers me about it is that it hurts all the people that are stupid enough that they DON'T do it. Because of this, I waver on the line of even doing it enough to feed and clothe myself. And since I found this stuff all out, I don't borrow anymore. It is wrecking the whole country - borrowing, that is. But because I live in the country, I can't help taking part in the money system just to live. So, I am losing value every day, just by living here.

So, again, is it corruption to "steal" back part of the value that the banking system legally steals from me daily? And if it isn't, why not other people around the world. If everyone did it, the corrupt money system would collapse.