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Mom Fined for Letting 6-y.o. Walk 2 Blocks with a Friend

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This just happened to me. My six year old daughter and her friend went for a walk on their own and now we are getting a fine. The cop wasn’t at all interested in what we had to say just said we were getting a fine in the MAIL. In PA there are no laws regarding what age to leave your child alone, this cop was a douchebag! The kids were TWO blocks away and were gone no more than five minutes when the police came. Someone had seen them walking and called them. When I was six in 1985 I would walk to the store to buy my dad CIGARETTES. I refuse to be a helicopter parent, they need to learn independence for good or bad. Moral is – shove your kids up your butt or let them zombify in front of the TV. Now I’ve got a summons to go to court. – Mama N.

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Who is the cop? Make sure everyone in town knows the creep.Make sure his family is aware of what he is doing to America,and his children`s future.