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The Chilling Effects of License-Plate Location Tracking

Once your location information is collected and stored by a third party, you have lost control over it, and there is no way to know whose hands it will end up in. We acknowledge this instinctively when we feel discomfort about being watched or followed by anyone, not just those who are most consequential in our lives. When people feel that their movements may be recorded, they feel less comfortable traveling freely and engaging in activities that might be controversial or stigmatizing, even when those activities are important or beneficial.

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Comment by Ed Price
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In the past - like more well over a decade ago - I have watched Marc Stevens of battle the Tempe traffic court to a standstill. Ordinarily at the time, he would have gotten the judge to recuse himself off the bench. But that wasn't his goal. He was attempting to get the courts to SAY for themselves that they didn't have the authority they were wielding. Did he have success? Limited at the time. But if his goal had been to simply "get off," he could have done it.

Has anyone sheppardized Jack McLambs court cases to see if they are still valid?

If they are still valid, and have not been overturned (which is probably the case), then our job is to find out the reasons that these court cases cannot be made to stick in any and all cases traffic cases. Actually, the reasons are a multi-whammy.

The first whammy is that folks don't know about them or don't believe in what they point-blank, literally say.

The second is that people go out and apply for a license... because they don't believe. An application for license is like saying, "I put my rights on the shelf, replacing them with your permission slip." If they gave you permission, they have the ability and right to enforce everything that the permission includes. The only reason that the traffic system and traffic court is not more unreasonable than it is, is that the people would rebel if it became too oppressive. And Government doesn't want a rebellion. All they want to do is milk a good thing to the max.

The next whammy is that folks make a second agreement with the police and traffic court when they are accused of a driving infraction. How do they do this? They do it by playing the game of the whole traffic court system when they make an "appearance" in the court. An appearance is an agreement. It is a form of requesting permission to have the legal system judge and decide your case. There is a whole big legal meaning to the word "appearance." And you have a legal right to not "appear." But if you don't state it formally, and in some instances in the legally correct way, you will have made an appearance whether you know it or not.

Next, when you do not make an appearance, and even if you are not licensed, they will harass you until you give in to their demands and make an appearance. Rather than making an appearance, you should be suing the blankety-blank out of them every which way come Sunday. But who wants to take the time? And who knows how to do it? What with your job and family and all, it's simply easier to acquiesce to their protection racket.

The courts and police are getting smart. If you continue, they will drop the case against you. You will have won. But they will start a program of harassment against you and your family that will you will find hard to sue them on, because they will not quite step over the line to the point of making their harassment illegal. If you are good, you can get them to step over the line, win a big law suit, and make money. But, unless that is your goal all along, you probably won't succeed.

What we really need is a whole, small, incorporated town, where NONE of the folks have a State drivers license, etc., and where the whole town digs into the legal aspects of driving unlicensed, and supports everyone else in town. The State will find it difficult if not impossible to deal with the members of a town who support each other, not under the town name, but simply using the town location as their living area... something like the Free State Project, but everyone living together in their own legal town.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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"None are more enslaved then those who think they are free." This has never been more validated then the issue of driving, (a commercial activity) or traveling. The DOT along with the insurance companies have been the biggest racketeering operation in existence that has been plundering and robbing the people for generations and the sheeple don't have a clue. Here's one for ya. Every time one of these road pirates with a gun and badge stop someone traveling in their private use automobile, they are committing a crime unless they stop you for committing a real crime yourself or endangering others on the highways OPEN by a matter of RIGHT to the traveling public. The entire system dealing with this issue is a total fraud PERIOD! and until the sheeple wake up to this reality, it will continue to be business as usual and the fleecing of the sheeple will continue. Here's another fact. 98% of those in jail all originated from illegal traffic stops where there has been no injured parties, (victim) or damage or destruction of property, yet many still end up in jail, their lives pretty much destroyed by the time all is said and done and it goes on and on day by day 365  days a year.

With this in mind, it has just been established that license-plate ID is illegal in the UK.


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