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Should You Be Stockpiling Ammo, Yes or No?


Well, it will all depend on a lot of factors and whether or not a substantial amount of luck exists.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen firsthand certain individuals stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of firearms for their own use.
The stated reason for it varies. Now is there truth to the “you can never have enough” motto that everyone uses when wiping out the local Walmart’s ammo supply?

Of course there is: oftentimes there just isn’t enough ammo to go around. Does it mean you should do it?

As a fellow shooter I’m begging you not to. Buy a few boxes and then come back and buy a few more. Try not to hoard all of the ammo from the sporting goods department. Everyone needs at least some ammo. Your taking it all is just needlessly greedy.


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Comment by Psychictaxi
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"Try not to hoard all of the ammo from the sporting goods department." is NOT an answer to the title question "Should you be stockpiling ammo, yes or no?" !

If one is NOT going to be defending a specific position and is prepared to 'bug out', of COURSE 10,000 rounds is not a hand-carry option.  Duh. 

If one IS going to 'hunker down' in one place, THEN a stockpile of ammo and firearms to run them through is the #1 necessity for SURVIVAL IN AN EMERGENCY.  Even before water or food.  

Seriously.  Example:

How many guns and ammo can one acquire in a firefight with a bucket of water?  A can of food?  Conversely, How many buckets of water and cans of food can one acquire in a firefight with enough guns and ammo?

You see my point?

Lets face it, when things get as bad as it looks like it may get, ammo and the means to use it will become tomorrows money.

Got wealth?


Comment by Chip Saunders
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 YES!!! Oh God, yes!!! If you don't stock up on the essentials,...well,...just shoot yourself now.