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DEA anti-marijuana order might provoke new wave of drug violence

 The DEA’s announcement comes less than two weeks after Attorney General Eric Holder said he wants to reform US drug laws to keep non-violent drug offenders out of prisons. By placing further restrictions on legal cannabis dispensaries, the DEA is inflicting harsh limitations on marijuana providers, despite the drug’s medical and recreational legalization in several states.

In California, legal medical marijuana dispensaries rely on armored vehicles to transport large amounts of cash. In 2011, the federal government pressured banks and credit card companies to stop servicing pot dispensaries, leaving many providers with no choice but to pay all their bills in cash. California dispensaries have long relied on armored vehicles to carry their cash across the state when, for example, they are required to pay the city or the state’s Board of Equalization.

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First off, if your communities have a real live so called Constitutional sheriff and the people were ready to back him if any regime nazis try to invade their turff, then you could start your own currency, MTN Hour. The time has come to become an Iceland and Hungry and stop this force and violence from those claiming rights to do so against innocent non violent, just want to live my life humanbeings. What the hell is wrong with those who thrive on bossing and controlling  others around and then harming them?


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick & twisted society.” Krishnamurti