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Police storm homeschool class, take children by force

Four children, ages 7 to 14, have been forcibly taken from their home by police armed with a battering ram, and their parents have been told they won’t see them again soon, all over the issue of homeschooling, according to a stunning new report from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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there is a god YAHWH but remember this he let a delusion on the earth that the darkones will pervert the truth for soon payback is coming for as is said in the days of noah will be revisited for a reason manmon will rule for a short time dont be discouraged here  for a short time the devil will do its damnedest to bring hell on earth but in fact remember what happened to sodom and gomorrah well this is going to happen world wide the sword of the lord is coming to destroy the darkones with decent people who didnt lift a finger  to do nothing to stop this from happening to little ones to make it clear my children were stolen by the state and given to hippy trash to raise and to make it clear i dont have no use for hippies or sodomites

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This just isn't real. What the hell is wrong with the people anymore to let this kind of EVIL continue let alone the sick twisted bastards behind this including all the nazis and so called perverted pedophile socialpathic workers? Is there really a God any more?