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Putin A+. Obama F-

•, By Eric Margolis

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize should be rescinded and given, instead, to Vladimir Putin.

Add a warning to Obama’s amateur foreign policy advisors: “don’t play chess with the KGB!”

In fact, Obama, who rudely snubbed former KGB agent Putin recently, owes Russia’s leader a “Bolshi Spaseba”(big thanks) for pulling his bacon out of the fire in Syria. Putin brilliantly demonstrated to the world the difference between diplomacy and force, the rapier versus the cudgel.

The American cynic Ambrose Bierce aptly defined a diplomat as “a patriot ready to lie for his country.” 

True enough, but diplomacy is the essential lubricant of international relations. Ever since the Bush administration, America’s foreign relations have become militarized and run by the Pentagon while the State Department has been eclipsed. America has become addicted to small wars and debt.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Let's look at Putin and Obama. Let's forget that both governments could shut down these two leaders in a minute if they wanted to.

Obama isn't the bad guy. Congress is. And so are a bunch of everyday folks who like what Obama and Congress are doing.

Obama is nothing. He could be shut down in a minute by a united Congress. Congress is the problem.

Comment by Howard Pearlman
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Here's the heart of the article....the rest is nuts and bolts stuff:


So in what could have been a second Cuban missile crisis, Putin and Lavrov get A+.   Obama and his angry advisors get an F- and orders to get intense tutoring in diplomacy.

President Putin has just forced the US to begin treating Russia with the dignity and importance that it deserves as a nuclear great power instead of dismissing it as a third-rate blini-republic.

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