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For Those Who Don't Believe in Election Fraud

•, By Jack Cashill

Among those mocked was Will Royster, a retired Navy fighter pilot who seemingly lost in a northeast Kansas City Democratic primary for state representative in 2010 by the final count of one single vote. The seeming victor, endorsed by the Star, was neophyte J.J. Rizzo, the son of Democratic machine honcho, Henry Rizzo.

What follows is a letter from a young Democrat Nick Moreno who observed the process up close named. The letter details the various tools Democrats use to steal elections and kill would-be Democratic reformers in the womb. It is edited only for length and clarity.
 Before I start I want to give my Democrat credentials per se because others who have defended Royster have had theirs in question.
 I am a proud Democrat and Latino with a wonderful wife and dog. I was raised in a religious, blue-collar, Midwestern Democratic union home. My dad UAW, my mom CWA.