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Student Loans: What to Consider Before Consolidating

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College students relying on student loans to pay for college can easily graduate with 16 or more separate loans. Plan to borrow for graduate school, too? Add a few new loans, interest rates and bills to that list....

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Comment by TL Winslow
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What do U.S. college students have stamped on their foreheads? The word dumbass?  Student loans that carry multiple interest points and can't be discharged in bankruptcy court are tantamount to lifetime slavery.  The U.S. govt. giveth, and it can taketh away, by granting amnesty to anybody who can't find gainful employment in their field of choice using their degree in five years. Why? Because it's partly their fault for accrediting the dangblasted academic scammers who sold them their crappy paper at stilted prices. I'm an old fart with a white beard, but if I were a young whippersnapper with peach fuzz on my cheeks I'd be manning the barriers on the streets until the govt. passed an amnesty bill.

Here's my blog on the issue, a voice crying in the wilderness:

Student Loan Amnesty Blog