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I Stopped Washing My Hair and It Has Never Looked Better

 I have stopped washing it. Well kind of, I wash it about once a week but I don’t use shampoo and conditioner.

I stopped washing my hair out of sheer laziness, after years of bad dye jobs and short hair cuts I have decided to let it grow long and one unified color, but washing that much hair is a lot of work that involves serious scheduling and I was sick of having my social life dictated by my greasy scalp. As time progressed I convinced myself that I hadn’t been washing my hair because I was lazy but because I am occupying the shampoo-industrial complex. Sure, its a vain way of fighting the man but you really don’t need to wash your hair. Testimonial after testimonial has emerged of people, particularly women, claiming they have stopped washing their hair, it’s not greasy and it’s the healthiest it has ever been.

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Besides, fleas, lice and tics like to be bathed regularly. And if they are not, they'll go elsewhere. (chuckle)