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The result of all this is the following: Jesus Christ’s use of the Aramaic “Abba” made such an impression on His disciples in that it was a unique instance in 1st Century Jewish piety; this explains why it stamped the apostles’ memory. Moreover, it was an exclusive use to the extent that the early Church was a

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Yes, and the whole thing has to do with our future eternal life. The fact that society has been shaped by "Abba" is a secondary item of far less importance.

Life is fleeting. Many die at birth. Some die well before birth. Others die anywhere up to and including in great old age. But all die!

Death was not meant to be. Originally death was not in the plan. But it happened because of our own stupidity. And it can be understood as to how it works that death happens among us now. It is logical, not mystical. Everything - the whole universe - is a machine of extreme complicatedness, and it has been broken. That's why there is death.

The whole "Abba" Father thing is the pointing to the way of eternal life... life after death... life in a new earth after resurrection from the dead. And this article has life intertwined in the writings of people who understand approximately what the name Abba means. What is not understood here, can be found in the Bible... though drawing it out may not be easy.

Abba, Father, is about life for us all if we only understand and believe.

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