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Happy New Year - Matt Papke - Free Tempe - Candidate for Tempe City Council

• Free Tempe
Happy new year my friends! New challenges and new opportunities are before us. 2014 is set to be our year; a year of the people! No longer are deficit spending, irresponsible debt accumulation and catering to special interests to be tolerated in Tempe.

My campaign is set to stage a massive blow to the status quo that will resonate across the nation. Stand with me, stand with the people, and stand for economic sustainability and a return to a community first approach to government.

Our financial report will be released soon and due to your massive support and the honesty of our message the numbers are going to turn some heads seriously shaking up the establishment. Fundraising while important cannot replace votes. In order to win in Tempe; and show the world that the people are ready for change, it will require your hard work and help. Voter outreach is critical to our success! This weekend, January 4th I will be walking neighborhoods with our volunteer force and would love to have you right there with us.

Already our campaign has been blessed with nearly 50 volunteers, our goal is 150. We need you! Without you my message will only go as far as I can personally spread it. You are the campaign you are what will lead us to victory please join us today; become a volunteer. Stand up for the people and let Tempe become an example for the rest of the state to follow. 
If you cannot offer your time please donate today so we can support the efforts of those who can offer their time.

2014 looks to be a phenomenal year! We've already made tremendous inroads with both conservative and liberal groups across Tempe, and will only reach deeper and further into these organizations as the campaign progresses. It is time for change, it is time for accountability and I will work hard to restore the economic sustainability and a community first approach to government in Tempe Arizona. Please help today by donating your time as a volunteer or by contributing financially to the fight. Even a $3 donation will help us to print flyers to give to the residents of Tempe and drive us to victory! 

Thank you so much for your support happy New Year's to you your loved ones.

In Liberty,
P.S. Please do join us this weekend.  Meet us at 1:30PM at Dunkin Donuts on the North East corner of Warner and McClintock. We have plenty of materials to hand out and amazing walking lists. Please wear business casual or higher attire and join us in an effort to free tempe.
Matthew Papke is an Arizona native and long time resident of Tempe who has been involved in his community at many levels. He is a former Marine, an ardent political activist, and an advocate for empowering the people. Matthew is a graduate of Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona and currently resides and works in Tempe.

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