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Neocon Lashes Rand Paul With A Wet Noodle In Republican Punch and Judy Show

Then there were his remarks about Edward Snowden. Rand Paul fancies the treasonous disclosure of vital national security data as heroic in some sense. He’s compared Snowden to Martin Luther King, Jr. (who unlike Snowden did not flee the U.S. for a dictatorship but nobly undertook punishment in jail and ultimately gave his life to protest unjust laws). Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) appearing with Rand Paul had it right, both in urging Snowden to return to face trial for his crimes and in objecting to Rand Paul’s plea bargaining on behalf of the fugitive. It is not uncommon these days that liberal Democrats have a firmer grasp of the law and of our national security than does Rand Paul. He is perhaps one of the only Republicans whose foreign policy would be worse than Obama’s. On Sunday, Rand Paul dug his hole in logic and law still deeper, declaring that Snowden ”revealed great abuses of our government, of our intelligence community.” This is plain false.

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