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How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust

•, by GBAmerica
This is an excerpt from the documentary "Architecture of Doom." It shows how the Nazis considered the German population as one body to be healed collectively by the German universal healthcare system (Hitlercare). The Jews were seen as analogous to a microbial infection of the population that had to be eradicated in order to bring on utopia.

Progressives were major promoters of eugenics in America in the 1930's. About 60K people were sterilized by eugenics programs in the US. Whether they are yet as ruthless as Hitler, or not, they still want to use universal healthcare to social-engineer an utopia in America by Government coercion and force.

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Hitler understood History.  He KNEW who the REAL problem was, for Humanity:  The Ashkenazi-Khazars.  Like the Rothschilds.  Read Arthur Koestler's THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE.  Watch DEFAMATION:  A Film by Yoav Shamir: 

It's all so "in-our-face" obvious now.  Watch ISRAEL'S NATIONAL ORGASM: 

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