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‘Mile 420’ marker replaced in Colorado after repeated thefts from pot fans

• Yahoo news
Sorry pot heads, if you’re looking for a sign it’s no longer “420” on Colorado’s Interstate 70. That’s because while buying marijuana may now be legal in Colorado, stealing a sign with a slang reference to the drug is still frowned upon. But state officials said that just wasn’t stopping the repeated theft of a sign with a popular numerical term that for many is a common reference to marijuana. It sounds like the kind of solution only a pot smoker would come up with. But it turns out marijuana signage enthusiasts are the ones forcing Colorado officials to think creatively. On Colorado’s Interstate 70, there is a sign marked “MILE 420.” And for those not in the know, “ 420” is a common shorthand used by fellow pot smokers. Like the effects of smoking the plant itself, the term has hazy origins but is said to have originated as code amongst a group of California teens when they wanted to signal each other for a smoking excursion. So, after the sign has been stolen a number of

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