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Bitcoin is coming to Texas

 The Texas Bitcoin Conference will allow attendees to explore this new technology from a host of angles.  It will help answer the questions a range of people have about Bitcoin and what it means, to them personally, to their businesses and to the future.  The Conference will be organized into three speaking tracks, an exhibit hall in the pit lane garages, an open air networking lobby and a number of additional opportunities.

No matter your knowledge level or involvement with Bitcoin, you will feel welcome and come away with valuable information putting you ahead of the curve.

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Comment by Ed Price
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To answer the 26 questions listed at from the comment below ...

1. Bitcoin is simply an alternate fiat currency, that is partially in the hands of the free market rather than under the authority of the Government and banks.

Gold and silver are good trading mediums, but they have no intrinsic value, except in some areas of industry. Bitcoin's value is that it can be traded much easier than gold and silver, which are manipulated just like any other currency.

2. The advantage of Bitcoin over the fiat currencies is, there is little banker direct control. Bitcoin teaches people to be self reliant, to be "smart" in their dealings, and it is there for trade... not for enriching the bankers.

3. He didn't buy ONLY the pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. He also bought freedom, by helping Bitcoin to move to the position of visibility it has today. If people make a deal, they should do it because they are happy with the terms and conditions of the deal, even if they later find out that they could have had a better value elsewhere. Life goes on.

4. Bitcoin and silver are only worth what the people decide they are worth. Silver has value in industry, period. Butcoin has value because it promotes freedom.

5. All fiat transactions are out in the open to those who watch the transaction. The records are readily available from the banks. While Bitcoin isn't completely anonymous, it is a thousand times more anonymous than fiat currencies through the bank.

In addition, currency transactions are subject to the arbitrary controls of the bankers and the banks at all times. Bitcoin transactions are subject to a firm set of rules, rules found in mathematics, programming and the Internet.

6. If you want privacy, fiat currencies through the banks are not the way to go. No privacy with the banks at all, except that you might be lost in the crowd so to speak, because of the volumes of transactions that the banks do. With Bitcoin, by the time that THEY find out it is you (provided you use a bit of care), the statute of limitations will have run.

7. All the bad things that are done in the world are done through the banks and fiat currencies. Bitcoin will simply decentralize the crooks.

8. Bitcoin is the start. Notice that it is in beta mode. Beta means that it is a test. Once the people get the idea of cryptocurrencies-over-the-Internet in their heads, they will figure out ways to make EVERYTHING into money - everything, from household items, to food to clothing to medicine. Everything will become money. The world will move back to barter, the way it was and should be. Only this time, the barter will be organized and free.

9. That's right. When the larger ponzi of the banking system collapses, the people will want and need something. By then, people will have extended the use of cryptocurrencies into everything. Barter will abound, and trade values worldwide will be visible through the new Internet... which might be dubbed something like ONE WORLD FREE TRADE.

10. Bitcoin is decentralized. The only reason people use Dwolla and others is, we haven't gone the next step in developing barter viewing software that is available to everyone.

11. Bitcoin will be a government in itself. Why? Because the people will use it to squash the criminals who exist in virtually all the governments of the modern world. It simply isn't the right time yet. Look at the growth of Bitcoin in just 5 years, and particularly the last year. It has taken the Fed more than a hundred years of painstaking work to get where they are today, and already Bitcoin is a threat.

12. The value of ALL currencies is the value placed on them by the people. The only things that have intrinsic value are the commodities - things like food, water, clothing, shelter, relationships, etc. Bitcoin is far closer to connecting these commodities directly with the people than the banking system could ever be.

13. And it is about time that we start to turn EVERYTHING into cryptocurrencies. Imagine using shoes as a currency. Or how about land? - you own a square foot of certain land, and trade it for other things. In other words, the electronic cryptocurrency is backed by tangible land, and it is scripted right into the code. The banks are done for. So is the Government.

14. Bitcoin is the start. Already there are loads of other cryptocurrencies. When people start encoding backed-by-xxxxxx into their cryptocurrency, Bitcoin will be tossed aside for cryptocurrency barter. Fiat will be long gone.

15. Gold and silver are controlled like fiat. All will be replaced by cryptobarter.

16. China doesn't want dollars? There are a whole bunch of Americans who are finding out just how useless dollars are to them. They lost their homes, their jobs, their life savings, their security, maybe even their lives because of the dollar. Sure, they would love some dollars. But because they can't get them, they are turning to Bitcoin and barter more and more.

17. If Government doesn't collapse Bitcoin, Bitcoin will collapse Government. Taxes are based on fiat. When Bitcoin takes over, there will be little fiat used. There is no agreement for taxes without fiat.

18. The whole banking system relies on energy for its transactions. Energy is not a problem. The problem is the people who want you to think that you have to pay a large amount for it.

19. Somebody thinks that 10% to 15% annual fiat inflation is not a risk? It's a downright loss. The risks involved with Bitcoin transactions maybe a momentary loss, but they are NOTHING compared to annual inflation. The Bitcoin loss will wake the people up. The inflation loss lulls them into apathy, so that inflation can continue. Bitcoin is waking the people up so that they can barter wisely.

20. Good! And the more cryptocurrencies, the better. Let the people decide where the best benefit is. Commodity backed cryptocurrencies, with the commodity backing aspect built right into the scripting, are not around, yet, but will be the wave of the future once someone develops them. In all cases, decentralization is key.

21. Bitcoin has a long way that it can climb. At a $million a bitcoin, a satoshi will be worth a penny.

22. Blah, blah, blah, blah. The proof will always be in the pudding.

23. Bitcoin is way better than silver in how easy it is to transact business over a distance. The Bitcoin disadvantage is that if the whole Internet grid or the whole power grid collapsed, silver and gold would rule... even over fiat, though not right away. Bitcoin would be a big flop.

24. Nobody puts all their wealth into the dollar. In fact, the poorer a person becomes, the less he has wealth in the dollar. True wealth is in having what it takes to live well and comfortably in life. Fiat and Bitcoin can buy things, but neither of them are useful for any more than that.

Money is stored up labor of the people.

25. While the destruction and loss of silver does happen, it can and does happen with Bitcoin a whole lot more frequently. That's why Government is making it hard on people to make physical bitcoins. But making medallions - medallions that don't resemble coins at all - with Bitcoin addresses in them, might be the alternative. Lots of mints produce silver medallions. Print out your paper Bitcoin wallet as an added measure of safety.

26. Bitcoin is the thing that might save us when the banking system collapses. While Bitcoin might hasten the fiat collapse a little, the fiat would collapse on its own anyway. It just might be that Bitcoin will usher in the new barter with a lot less pain.


Fiat currencies that are centralized tend to control the people, steal from them, and take away their freedom. The banks that control fiat realize that they need to give the people some freedom, or else the people will ultimately destroy them. How much appearance of freedom can you give people who have access to information, without giving them true freedom? The bankers are watching their system collapse, slowly, right before their eyes. They have their plans, but they don't really know what to do... what will truly work for them.

Bitcoin is the start of the new free market. It will take the place of the fiat currencies when they collapse. The bankers might even collapse their currencies intentionally in some bizarre plan to save some of what remains for them.

We have a short time, now, a time to develop commodity and property backed cryptocurrencies before the fiat currency system collapses. It is a time to get back into the real world of trading relationships, without some big Government or banking system intervening and stealing all our best personal wealth.

Comment by Anon Commenter
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