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I told him I would not recite the Pledge...

•, by turling
 I was concerned how to say it, so I just told him. "Yes, I'll agree to volunteer and the be the Scout Master but I think you should be aware of one thing. I don't recite the Pledge of Allegiance."

I explained that I respect the flag, will hold my hand over my heart and be reverent but I don't believe in the words that are essentially opposite what a free country is about. I tried my best to go over it's history, explained socialist Francis Bellamy, Lincoln's assault on states' rights and how nationalism has done so much harm to our freedoms.

I said 'one nation, indivisible' is anti-American. He was a little disturbed but polite and said he would take my offer back to the Council.

The Flag is a big deal in the Scouts but what do you think, did I go overboard?

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