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The Next Big Thing You Missed: There’s a Sure-Fire Way to Control the Price of Bitcoin

 At online retailer, for instance, Coinbase helps people buy stuff like patio furniture and smartphone cases using bitcoin. It lets online advertising outfit eZanga pay its partners in bitcoins. And it provides a service that lets people and businesses buy and sell the digital currency.

As a result, Coinbase holds an awful lot of bitcoin in its own digital wallets. That’s just part of efficiently moving the currency to and fro — and at this point, it’s a rather risky thing. As the world struggles to come to terms with this very new creation, the value of the digital currency is extremely volatile, with prices shifting as much as 25 percent in a matter of minutes.

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You don't need a Bitcoin exchange for doing transactions as a business. Bitcoin-otc at and Local Bitcoins at do it by providing a rating service for people who transact through their sites. They don't handle the bitcoins. They simply advertise and rate.

If a company wants to remain in business, it has to be honest and fair, even without the use of Bitcoin. Once people wake up to the fact that the honesty includes Bitcoin transactions, exchanges just might become a thing of the past... being replaced by rating agencies.

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