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Startup Gets $30 Million to Bring High-Energy Silicon Batteries to Market

•, By Kevin Bullis
Amprius, a startup working on a new type of long-lasting lithium-ion batteries for laptops and electric vehicles, has started to sell its batteries for use in portable electronics. The company recently raised $30 million in venture capital to develop its next-generation batteries, which use high-energy silicon electrodes. The company says the batteries will store about 50 percent more energy than the battery cells in today’s electric vehicles.
The funding is a rare piece of good news for lithium-ion battery startups
Silicon electrodes can store more lithium than conventional graphite ones, but they swell and shrink as the battery is used and recharged, and that causes the battery to fall apart. Amprius founder Yi Cui, a materials science and engineering professor at Stanford, showed how to avoid this problem by making silicon nanowires that don’t fall apart

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