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Guns: Highlight A Bright Spot In The US Economy, Whitehouse Can’t Understand Why

•, By Jeff Knox
 Gun companies have reported record sales, and, contrary to the claims of the anti-rights crowd, surveys indicate that the growth isn’t just due to existing gun owners building bigger collections, but to many new, first-time gun buyers.
Of course Obama doesn’t deserve all of the credit; he had lots of help from fellow politicians, gun control organizations, and the media. They place the “blame” for record gun sales on rights groups whipping gun buyers into a feeding frenzy of panic buying by making exaggerated claims of impending gun bans and restrictions. And, while there’s no doubt that pro-gun groups do sound the alarm at the slightest provocation, you’d think the anti-rights folks would figure out that it’s their provocation that instigates the alarms and the resultant buying – and voting – response. As prominent rights leader, Alan Gottlieb, recently pointed out, if the real objective of the anti-rights crowd was to reduce the number of guns on the street, they have not only failed miserably, they are the root cause of their own failure.

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