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Nigel Farage on Britain's Political Demise and the Continued Rise of UKIP

•, Nigel Farage
Daily Bell: Thanks for taking this interview on short notice. David Cameron has been dismissive of UKIP. Is he right to be or wrong?

Nigel Farage: He may be being dismissive but he is doing his best to copy us! Even our energy policy, in support of fracking, has now been aped by the Conservative Party. From Syria to immigration to benefits, UKIP policies are being plagiarised (albeit badly) by parties who can't achieve what they say they'll do because of the EU.

Daily Bell: When we interviewed you early last year you were excited about UKIP's prospects. Give us an update.

Nigel Farage: We are now odds on favourite to win the European Elections on May 22nd this year and take seats in local elections, and the party has increased in membership to over 33,000 whilst the other parties decline in numbers.

Daily Bell: We wanted to get your reaction to Cameron's speech at Davos the other day. It seemed exceptionally ill-timed and arrogant. Why would he go to Davos and tell an audience, basically, that he would deliver Britain to the EU with certain "negotiations"?

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