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G. Edward Griffin’s Assistant Single-handedly Takes On A Major Corporation

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A Little Lady With A Big Battle

A bit of background:

Our membership at Oath Keepers is already aware that G. Edward Griffin plays a leading role in the James Jaeger movie, MOLON LABE.  I personally learned about G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve“, in the year 1999. I bought a copy of the book, read it, and it changed my perspective on my life as an American.   When James Jaeger read that book, it changed his life also. He contacted Mr. Griffin and discussed the idea of doing a movie based on Griffin’s book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. The agreement was made and FIAT  EMPIRE was born in James’ Matrix Entertainment movie studios. The message in G. Edward Griffin’s “Creature” book and subsequently in James Jaeger’s FIAT EMPIRE, just happens to be the same message former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has been heralding for thirty years or more, even going back in time as far as 1913, the year the Federal Reserve System was hatched. Various names are posted along the road to the past as we look back on Twentieth Century American history. Congressman McFadden’s testimony against and indictment of the Federal Reserve is a matter of Congressional Record back in 1934.  Congressman Charles Lindberg, (father of famous aviator “Lucky Lindy”), JFK, Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, and other well-known American legislators and officials comprise an outstanding list of opponents to the Federal Reserve System,  but perhaps no one person brought the reality of our problem with the Federal Reserve more acutely and clearly to center-stage than the combined works of G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, and James Jaeger’s documentary movie, FIAT EMPIRE. And of course, G. Edward Griffin holds a featured role in the film about his book. Because Oath Keepers helped create MOLON LABE and because Stewart Rhodes worked in MOLON LABE with G. Edward Griffin, and because Oath Keepers is friendly with James Jaeger’s movie studio operations, Oath Keepers moves in tandem with people like G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira, Jr.,  Ron Paul and others.

Okay. That may have been a bit more background than some of our readers will want, but I did want to make it clear that we  in the liberty movement work together and that we’re all sort of interconnected in a bigger movement, a larger work, which is the work of preserving all the liberty we can while at the same time fighting against statist oppression. As G. Edward Griffin is friendly and helpful with Oath Keepers’ mission, I wanted our readers here to know a bit more about how his vision and the vision of Stewart Rhodes come together on behalf of America herself. It could be said that Oath Keepers as an organization was born out of the Ron Paul Tea Party movement of 2008 and 2009. Our philosophical orientation includes respect for the work of G. Edward Griffin and Ron Paul and Sheriff Mack and many other Constitutionalists.  G. Edward Griffin is very busy, busy as Ron Paul, James Jaeger, Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, Edwin Vieira and many others with whom Oath Keepers works. I know well how important it is for a busy man, fighting with all his resources for liberty, to have an executive-type secretary who can help keep everything glued together for successful projects and mission accomplishments. (Always remember – Behind every successful man stands a surprised woman. ;)

But this article is not about G. Edward Griffin.  This article is about Joan Lehmann Hunter. the lady who helps keep G. Edward Griffin on the right track day in and day out. (A friendly salute! also goes out to Cassandra and all the others who help with G. Edward Griffin’s work also.)

Joan’s story is remarkable, if simple. She is soliciting financial help to sue Boeing Corporation in court for activities which she alleges produced skin cancers on her body. A very talented and successful artist,  Joan is offering prints of her paintings (see them at the website with the video, linked below) as mementos of her gratitude to those who help support her legal costs in suing Boeing.


Joan Glover_Zebra Herd


Because of G. Edward Griffin’s standing as a pillar of liberty in the American liberty movement, and because Joan has been Mr. Griffin’s extra hands and feet for so long, supporting his work by helping organize and run his daily schedules, projects, and connections, Oath Keepers is proud to offer our readers this story about a courageous woman’s fight with cancer and her equally inspiring challenge to the corporate indifference which too often leads to lawsuits over negligence or improper procedure or other form of incompetence by the hand of a multi-national corporation.  I think you’ll want to see this brief video, and read the article there, and also enjoy the pictures of Joan’s artwork.  Let’s each do what we can and join Joan’s fight for justice as she heroically fights to beat cancer. After all, Joan is one of us. Ken Gullekson, head cinematographer for James Jaeger, made this film, and G. Edward appears at the end of the film.

Readers note: There are a few graphic images of cancerous pathology in the video, so be prepared. Thank you.

The page is here:

I’ll place the video here, but I encourage all readers to click the link for the full page article which furnishes all the info we will want to know about this fight and how we can help.  Count me in.


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