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Confessions of an Unreconstructed ‘Isolationist’

•, by Justin Raimondo
 I was going to write about this very interesting essay by David Rieff in The National Interest today, and weave in another fascinating piece by William Lind in The American Conservative – unfortunately, necessity has dictated another course.

The response to our fundraising drive has so far been quite disappointing. If this goes on – well, I don’t even like to think about it.

I think we deserve a lot better – so let’s take a look at our history. was founded in 1995 by our webmaster, Eric Garris, in response to the wild-and-crazy interventionism of the Clinton years – which in many ways prefigured, both in rationale and style, the "humanitarian" meddling of the present administration. Although the Soviet Union was gone, and the cold war supposedly ended, Washington wasn’t willing to give it a rest – indeed, the Kremlin’s collapse emboldened the empire-builders on the Potomac to push their sphere of influence ever-eastward. They found a ready pretext in an alleged "humanitarian crisis" festering in the former Yugoslavia.

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