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How to achieve Genetic Immortality

WORLD | The idea of immortality has been one of mankind's greatest desires since the beginning of time. No one can yet make a single human live forever, but what if you could pass your genetic material onto future generations? Irit Rosenblum is the designer of a unique legal innovation, allowing people to designate the fate of their reproductive cells upon their death. By declaring ahead of time what is to be done with sperm or ova cells, people are now able to dictate a course of action for the material. Embryos can also be covered by the legally-binding document. In addition to the physical cells, the donor's history and complete family tree come with the cells, providing future children the chance to learn about their missing biological parent. "According to my philosophy, a central derivative of the human right to reproduce is the right to know your origins. I argue that anonymous gamete donations rob children of their genetic record, complete family tree, and extended

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