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Harvard Study: Fluoride Lowers Children’s Intelligence By 7 IQ Points

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.... In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted....

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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And I bet that not a single person actually read the Harvard Study.   Because you are as evolution made you.   Stupid and obedient to authority.

 The amount of fluoride in almost all water systems is below the level that  this study uses as a baseline for high levels.   The maximum amount recommended level is 1.2 mg/L   this study starts at 4 mg/L.    Are you people who buy into the evils of toxic levels really that ignorant and stupid when it comes to math.


Oh right.   As the last election demonstrated, most of you can not count or do basic math.

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