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Government Labels those who Grow Their Own Food ‘Extremists’

•, By Christina Sarich
Sound familiar? It’s just like the US calling other nations terrorists when our government has terrorized more of the ‘free’ world than we could even imagine. It has basically called its own citizens terrorists already with NSA spying.
How in the world has it come to this? Americans are becoming ‘serfs’ to their own government much the same way that the British monarchy forced self-sufficient farmers to divide up their land into mono-cropping plots so that they could tax the heck out of everyone and make them reliant upon the same system of tenet farming which then enslaved the masses.

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Comment by Anon Commenter
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Who cares? They put this type of crap out, on their mainstream media, to cause people to become AFRAID, and thereby continue to shop for their food in stores.

Do what you gotta do.  Feed yourself.  Feed your family.

Probably MONSANTO is putting pressure on Congress to force people to eat GMO's, or some similar shit.  Or, it's some Grocer's Association.

Growing your own food, is a God-given right. 

Comment by Ed Price
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The reasoning behind this is to keep big business going. Big business has to grow so that the income taxes are there to support the military.

If people grow their own food, make their own clothing, build their own houses, etc., they don't go through big business nearly as much as they would if they simply worked on their big-business job and purchased everything using money. When they don't go through big business, there is less money flow, and less income taxes, and less money to be spent on the military and Government.

The military and Government are afraid of losing their jobs, their position in life. So, I understand why they do this.

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