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Obama Administration Calmly Debates Killing More Americans

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The critical reader could be forgiven for feeling like he or she had stepped into a surreal universe while reading The New York Times on Tuesday? When he read, in a demure column on the left-hand side, that the U.S. was debating slaughtering another American by drone strike. And that this “debate” was occurring in the hallowed halls of justice where according to the U.S. Constitution our duly elected leaders shoulder the not inconsiderable burden of ensuring not only our safety, but also our recourse to a fair trial should we fall foul of the law. That before we are tossed into that mixer of ruinous injustice known as the American penal system, our accusers must bring clear evidence before impartial judges. Evidence of our calumnies and crimes. Of our guilt.

A critical reader may have noticed that this debate was uniformed by any of the above considerations. That in fact it had moved beyond such thorny legal puzzles to more forthright questions such as which branch of the government ought to do the slaughtering....


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Comment by Lola Flores
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Given the tremendous success of the molestation program at the airports and the total compliance of the American populace, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate now gears up for the extrajudicial killing of Americans on American soil.  And make no mistake, that's all that's behind this supposedly debate.  They're doing nothing more than manufacturing consent for the implementation of the next phase of Fascism 101:  the night raids and the slaughters of people in plain sight.  I wish I could say that Americans don't deserve it but they do.

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