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Did Susan Rice Just Threaten Russia With War?

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The US and EU got its regime change in Ukraine (for now). The legal government has been overthrown by an armed mob in the streets. As in Egypt, where the military overthrow of the democratically-elected Morsi government was called by US Secretary of State John Kerry, “restoring democracy,” US officials are lining up to describe the coup in Ukraine in the most positive terms....

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Comment by John Hamilton
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Bob Joe; I am very knowledgeable as to the Ukrainian situation. I was engaged in "activities" in 2004-2005 in Kiev during the Orange Revolution (in which the US was attempting to influence elections illegally) and I have been a guest speaker in various Ukrainian University's on the subject of "American Imperialism", among other topics as well as a very frequent visitor to Ukraine. While it's true that Ukrainians are unhappy with the current government, the coup was illegal. The USG, EU, NGO's sponsored the demonstrators even to the extent of paying them! The reality is that as always, the US can't find its ass in a dark room. The demonstration, being funded by the West, backfired. The far right and radical elements are responsible for the violence as most participants were peaceful students until feeling emboldened by US encouragement and egged on by the radicals. These radicals embrace Nazi ideals and have vowed to fight Russians and the Jews forever. Many Ukrainians fought against the Russians in WW II and embraced the Nazis as a result of Stalin's murderous oppression of Ukrainians. Now, even after an accord was agreed upon, these radicals are not abiding by its terms. They will not favor either the EU or Russia as the countries in the EU as well as Russia itself fought against the Nazis! The US needs to stay home and out of other country's' affairs. Russia will never allow eastern/southern Ukraine go the way of the EU and will use any means necessary to protect their vital interests, including nuclear. The MSM has vilified Putin while Obama is 100 times worse but, it appears "facts" don't interest the American, dumb-downed sheeple.
Comment by Bob Joe
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This is ridiculous. You are making it out like US influence is what is causing this destabilization in Ukraine when in fact it is a majority or the Ukranian people. Of course the US would like a government more friendly to their interests, but your interpretation is grossly out of sync with reality. I have not met a single Ukranian person who hasn't been furious towards the current government for many years. This has been a long time coming.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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