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L.A. Residents Launch Offensive Against Parking Tickets

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It happens to the best of us, you park your car on a busy city street to grab a bite to eat or run your errands - you drop a few quarters in the meter, check your watch, look out for the meter maid, and then cross your fingers. When you return to your car a bright orange paper is on your windshield - you've just been nailed by the city for being a few minutes late to the meter. Well the fight against Parking Tickets has just heated up in the city of Los Angeles as two LA men have failed a lawsuit, claiming the fines are so expensive, they are unconstitutional. The class-action lawsuit filed by Jesus Pimentel and David Welch is open for other victims to join as plaintiffs. So what are the facts of the case? Both men were forced to pay $175 in fines for parking tickets, then denied due process to contest them. The initial $63 initial fine, doubled if not paid in 14 days. on top of that $49 was added in fees and collection costs.

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It's criminal extortion and fraud under the color of law which is soon coming to an end. All these rogue corporate criminals disguised behind respectability, suits and ties and black robes are soon to be exposed for the criminals they really are and taken down. They will be locked up in their own jails.