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Former CIA Agent: Back to Afghanistan? - Michael Scheuer

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NATION | As the war in Afghanistan drags on to its 13th year, Americans are becoming increasingly tired of the conflict. The Founding Fathers knew America, like all nations, would be forced to fight wars. A process to declare war is written into the U.S. Constitution. Those who designed the legal framework for war wanted conflicts to be fast and end in victory. They knew war could lead to the fall of the nation. Barack Obama sent more U.S. troops to the Middle Eastern nation. In 2011, he stated American fighting troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan, through 2014. Tens of thousands of military personnel remain. Russia recently marked the 25th anniversary of their pullout from Afghanistan. Michael Scheuer is an author and political activist. He is a regular columnist for Lew Rockwell. In a recent column, he wrote that American troops may be back in Afghanistan soon. Only by learning the lessons of the Founding Fathers can this be avoided, according to the journalist.

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