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Gerald Celente: Banker Suicides the Prequel to Global Collapse

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Gerald Celente: Banker Suicides Prequel to Global Collapse - The onset of the great depression of the 1930's brought a spike in banker suicides, Will Rogers noted of the time, "When Wall Street took that tail spin, you had to stand in line to get a window to jump out of, and speculators were selling space for bodies in the East River." Winston Churchill - the day after Black Friday - observed, "Under my very window a gentleman cast himself down fifteen stories and was dashed to pieces, causing a wild commotion and the arrival of the fire brigade," Nearly Eighty-five years later the phenomenon of banker suicides appears to have returned. In the last eight months there have been at least 12 reported deaths of bankers perishing under questionable circumstances. High stress banking careers are being blamed for the recent suicides. However, the answer may not be that simple. Returning to the program, to give us insight into these deaths is Gerald Celente.

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